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For more than a decade, DIVINAM STRUCTURAY has been a front runner in fabric structure design and technology. We have achieved this through an unyielding commitment to innovation and excellence, dedicated to being a ground breaking, cutting-edge design/build company for many years to come.

We offer our clients Complete Design Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Project Management, and Application.

Tensile Structures by
Divinam Structuray


Tensile Structures by divinam structuray offer design flexibility in many ways that other building materials cannot. They are lightweight, strong and durable systems which offer benefits such as diffusion of light, acoustic dampening and the ability to span large areas uninterrupted. Their versatility from shade canopies to wall and ceiling panels gives these structures the ability to adapt across all industries.




Using the most advanced software packages on the market today, our team of designers combine science and art to design some of the world’s most iconic tensile structures. Our job is to offer expert advice to ensure concepts can be built and stand the test of time. To determine the exact shape, each design goes through a rigorous process of:

  • Form finding
  • Finite element analysis
  • Patterning


Nature is unpredictable. To deal with that fact, all of our structures are engineered to perform under any condition. If you have ever flown a kite or been sailing, you will have felt the power of wind. Those forces, along with the loads imposed by snow when applied to tensile fabric architecture require complex thought and specialist expertise. As designers, we like to push the boundaries of what fabric can do – we do that by being masterful at tensile structure engineering.



Critical to the success of a project is the skill and coordination of Site Operatives whose job is to install structures in some of the most challenging locations all over the world. From road closures to accommodate multi-crane lifts to confined internal courtyards with working net platforms – whatever the method, our team are fully equipped to ensure a safe installation and thorough handover.