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Terrace Awning

Combined with large variety in vibrant designs and quality of quality Fabrics (from Dickson France to Sunsetter), our fixed sheds & awnings offer good protection from the sun, rain, wind etc.

These awnings are made to be permanent, so they have sturdy construction using steel piping or steel tubes. At the same time, they come in an array of rich colours, designer patterns, and custom-made size combinations to suit all needs.

Bull Nose Awning

Dome awnings are frequently referred to as half round or circular awnings, and are defined by a rounded front and side view. This style is over windows and doors but can also be used to over windows while a long dome canopy awning is covering your entrance way.

Window Awning

Window Awnings, also known as window canopy, are one the prime areas an architect or interior designer will focus on. The highly attractive and graceful awnings will provide extra dimension to the exterior facade of your home or hotel.

Divinam Structuray manufactures window awnings to give your home or office an architectural beauty and provide protection from rain, sunshine and harsh weather.

Divinam Structuray manufactures a comprehensive range of window awnings for all commercial and residential buildings. Promise of Service and Quality guaranteed.

Drop Arm Awning

Your Divinam Structuray drop-arm awning makes it possible for you to reliably shade your windows and small balconies. And it does so thanks to various models and different designs with sun shading exactly according to your needs. High-grade materials also guarantee reliable functioning of your drop-arm awnings over a prolonged period – and even especially comfortably thanks to optional operation using a Divinam Structuray control system. With the drop-arm awning, the awning fabric is projected forward away from the window instead of resting vertically against the facade. This breaks up austere facades and adds a light Mediterranean flair to buildings. This permits an outside view even when they are lowered. Drop-arm awnings from Divinam Structuray are available in various designs and with numerous accessories.

Vertical Awning

Balcony, Windows, or Glass Facade- Divinam Structuray vertical awnings will protect your premises from all weather conditions (heat, cold, rain or UV rays) and lend an aesthetic appeal to your exterior.

Since 2012, Divinam Structuray is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality balcony awnings. We manufacture all parts internally and have a great range of Fabrics.

Divinam Structuray vertical awnings are the perfect choice for commercial and residential premises who have special demands for sun shading or weather protection.

When your vertical awning is in use, it decorates your facade beautifully thanks to a wide range of cover panels and designs. However, when it is not in use, it can be folded back in and, thus, does not obstruct the view or light.

Fixed Awning

The Shed Awning is a traditional style awning that is used on many homes and businesses. This awning can be used on entrances and windows and helps protect from sun, rain and snow. Business can easily be add graphics on both the body and valance of this type of awning. These traditional style awnings also comes in convex and concave designs.